90 Minutes of Equality for a Girl at the Azadi Sport Complex

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Zanan TV

16 September 2014

90 Minutes of Equality for a Girl at the Azadi Sport Complex


In Iran, many places are segregated by gender, and when it comes to major sports stadiums, women are not permitted entrance at all. “90 Minutes of Equality” documents the story of one young girl who defies this restriction and sneaks into the Azadi Sport Complex, disguised as a boy, to watch a football match. Her experience is one many girls, even those who are not football fans, would love to share as well and indeed several other young women have similarly worn disguises to have just a few minutes of equal treatment.

In this documentary, we share in Vahideh’s nerve-wracking but exhilarating journey as she and others plan a diversion to get her into the stadium and help her devise her boyish disguise. We walk with Vahideh through the stadium underbelly and into the arena itself where she gets her 90 minutes of equality.

This video was a joint production of the Sports & Documentary filmmaking teams of Meydaan Zanan (Women’s Field), 2008. Second version produced by ZananTV & NGO Training Center ©2014.